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Ten Fabled Landscapes - Poetry


I'd like to begin with a definition of Landscape which I once  read in Wikipedia: Landscape is the dynamic background to people’s lives.


Landscape is a loosely used concept  in this book of poetry and  photographs, but it is the interaction between people and their backgrounds that I refer  to.


A Landscape is a dynamic background to people's lives.  Landscape is a loosely used term in this book of poetry and photographs, but the quotation expresses my attraction for setting my poems in them. The book has also proved to be a personal experiment for me. I interfaced almost every poem with a black and white image. My hope is whatever the verses and the setting, they extend each other in a complementary way.  Some of them were part of the original inspiration for the writing of the poem next to it.  Some are my photos; others are from different photographers. Using black and white was a choice I made for several reasons. Still, Jason Pederson, an American professional photographer, has said it best: In black and white photography, there are more colours than colour photography because you can use your experience, knowledge and fantasy to put colours into black and white.


Diana Bell Brooks

Ten Fabled Landscapes - Poetry

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